How to Upholster a stool the Lazy Way

I bought this uhpholstered stool on clearance for $18, and instead of buying the one I had my eye on for $399, I decided to reapholster this one with fabric to match my decor. 

I used the tools you see here.  Fabric, scissors and a staple gun.  Note that the fabric I used is kinda thick because I had no intention of removing/replacing the buttons on the top.  The fabric was on sale for $12.

Reupholster a stool the Lazy Way 
I stapled the new fabric onto the underside of the chair.  I didn't bother removing the old fabric.  That's how lazy I am.  I'm also into instant gratification.  See my dog in the background? 

Voila!  Instant stool makeover!

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