How to Make a Cover for your Kindle or Nook from an Old Book

From the $1 books for sale at my public library, I chose a book big enough to fit my Nook into.  I looked for one that had a pleasing look and feel, with a title I liked.

Using an exacto knife, carefully cut along the front and back covers and remove the pages (or signatures) from the spine.
Glue some wide grosgrain ribbon down the center of the book cover to conceal the exposed spine, folding the raw edges of the ribbon under.  Cut a piece of cardboard a little smaller than your reader.  I used an old notepad cover the size I needed to mount the elastic which would hold the e-book in place.

Make 2 elastic bands:  Measure and cut elastic bands long enough to stretch across two diagonal corners of the e-book.  Sew the ends of the bands together creating circular elastic bands. 

Using a glue gun, glue the elastic bands onto the back of the cardboard as shown, then glue the cardboard onto the back book cover.

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