Make a Knit Skirt From a Men's Tshirt in an Hour

I purchased a men's XL tshirt from Joanns for $4.50.  I laid a good-fitting skirt on it and cut the fabric 1/2" larger on the sides and waist for seams.  I wanted a longer skirt so I used the tshirt's hem as the bottom of the new skirt, eliminating the need for hemming.  Also, since I wanted the new skirt to be straight instead of a-line, about 6 inches from the top, I seamed the new skirt with straight sides so the bottom of the skirt is only a few inches wider than the waist.  I then folded over 1" of the top and sewed a  casing for elastic, leaving a 2" opening.  I cut a length of 3/4" elastic about 1" shorter than my waist and threaded it into the casing, then sewed its ends together.  Lastly, I sewed the opening closed.  On all the seams, I used a ball-point needle for stretch fabric and a zig-zag stitch.  No fancy serger needed!  This project took about an hour and I am super-happy with my new skirt!

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